Botox: What is it all about?

As we reach our mid 30’s, the majority of us will develop lines on the upper half of the face commonly known as “worry lines”, “frown lines” or “crow’s feet”. This undoubtedly makes one appear older and also can give a mean or tired look to the face. Some individuals also get tension headaches from constant usage of the forehead muscles.

Everywhere you turn, it seems as though someone is getting BOTOX. In fact, it is by far the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure. BOTOX stops muscle movement and thus cause a relaxation and disappearance of the skin creases. In terms of “down time” and efficacy, it is superior to any form of surgical treatment for treating these lines. So if you’re thinking about getting rid of some of those wrinkles, here’s a short primer on BOTOX.

What is BOTOX?
“BOTOX” is short for Botulinum Toxin, which is produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. It has been used since 1920, but was marketed commercially in 1997. It has a wide variety of clinical uses for people who have problems with spastic muscle disorders, or an imbalance in eye muscles, to name a few. It can also be used in hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the palms or axillary areas. It was as a result of using BOTOX for other problems on the face that its efficacy in getting rid of wrinkles was noted.

How does it work?
Don’t be put off by the word toxin! BOTOX interferes with transmission of the nerve impulse to muscles and hence stops the muscle working for a period of time. To be used effectively, it must be placed at a correct dosage into the correct muscle. There are a number of facial muscles, and it is the contraction of these that is responsible for facial wrinkling. A plastic surgeon’s knowledge of the anatomy of these muscles will allow for safe placement of the toxin.

Are the injections painful?
Most people tolerate the injections very well. They are delivered through very fine gauge needles. However, local anesthetic cream may be applied to the areas, one hour prior to treatment, for patients who are more sensitive. Ask your plastic surgeon about this.

How long does it take to work?
Results start to appear in three to five days, but may take up to a week. Finer wrinkles will disappear right away and more established ones take more time. With regular usage, one sometimes loses the habit of frowning altogether! If the wrinkles are very deep, ancillary treatment with filler materials about two weeks post injection may be necessary to achieve 100% result.

What are the side effects?
This is an important question and patients need be informed about the side effects. If for some reason the toxin moves to a muscle which is not a target muscle, such as the muscle which opens the eye or the ocular muscles which move the eye, then side effects can occur. These are rare and involve drooping of the eyelid, or double vision. Remember that the effects of BOTOX last only for four to six months at best, and when a really small dose causes a side effect, it usually reverses itself back to normal in three to four weeks.

How much does it cost?
The prices from clinic to clinic vary. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report shows that the national average surgeon/physician fee for BOTOX is $365 per area treated. Six to eight injections are typically required for the eyes, five for frown lines, and 10 to 12 for forehead lines.

Plastic Surgeon
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Under Eye Fillers with Dr. Jaffer Khan

Dermal fillers are amongst the most popular aesthetic treatments as they offer quick results with minimal downtime.

For this month’s topic of our “5 Minutes with Dr. Jaffer Khan” section, we chose to focus on under eye fillers, also know as tear trough fillers.

Patients who are good candidates for this treatment often complain of a ‘hollow look’ or dark circles under their eyes; they may also point out enlarging fat pockets in the lower eyelids.

We asked in house plastic surgeon at Aesthetics, Dr. Jaffer Khan, to offer his expert advice on a number of FAQ’s related to this popular aesthetic treatment.

Q. What makes a good candidate for an under eye filler procedure? 

Dr. Khan: People who have trouble with dark circles under the eyes as well as people who want to improve the contour between the cheek and the lid junction. There is sometimes a depressed crescent under the eye, which shows aging or tiredness, and such people are excellent candidates for this procedure. It is also desirable that there is no skin excess; in other words, tauter skin would give a better result. Any age group can have this, and some degree of  result can be achieved, but obviously, the less skin excess, the better result you can have.

Q. How is an under eye filler procedure performed? 

Dr.  Khan:  The  patient  has  the  procedure  done  under  local anesthetic cream, which is called EMLA cream, applied to the area about half an hour before the start of the procedure. All the procedural details and potential complications are explained to the patient beforehand, and the procedure starts with the patient gazing forward and sitting on a reclining chair. It is quite painless. A series of injections are given in the periocular area, and then, some cold packs are applied.

Q. What are the realistic results that I can expect?

Dr. Khan:The procedure is usually carried out in two stages. The first stage being done initially with a larger quantity of volume placed underneath the eye, and for the first 48 hours, the area can be a little bit swollen, and there can be occasional bruising. Apart from that, the results are immediately visible, and if the fillers are placed judiciously and with proper quantity, the results look very natural and pleasing.

Q. Do you have before and after photos I can look at for this procedure?

Dr. Khan:Yes, we always keep Before and After photos for patients to get an idea of what type of results they can expect, and there is a wide variation of the age groups that we have done as well.

Q. What kind of recovery period can I expect, and when can I resume normal activities?

Dr. Khan:As mentioned, the recovery period for this is just 3 to 4 days, and this is predominantly a social issue to get rid of the swelling and whatever little bruising there may be. Normal activities can be resumed on the following day.

Q. What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?

Dr. Khan:As with all fillers, the risks are essentially those which can be associated with any injection of a needle into the body; infection, bruising, bleeding, as well as allergic reactions to the filler substance.  In this case hyaluronic acid, which is a natural filler and one that can be dissolved within 24 hours is used, and here, it is very biocompatible with very few side effects.

The most severe side effects of periocular fillers, and indeed fillers anywhere on the face, are vascular ones where inadvertent injections into an artery or a vein can lead to complications  such as prolonged  swelling,  edema,  redness, and indeed even permanent loss of eyesight.   The latter is obviously  quite  scary  for  a  number  of  patients  to  know about,  but  we  have  to  be  sure  that  all  potential complications  are mentioned to the patients, as this is only fair to do.  The risks however, are very, very, small indeed -­? there have only been a few cases worldwide reported.  All precautions  are  taken  to  avoid  this  complication  by repeatedly  pulling  back  on  the  syringe  plunger  to  ensure that it is not in a vessel and to inject also very slowly.

Q. How long will the results last?

Dr. Khan:Under eye area is unique in that the results can last from a year up to 3 years.  Although a small top-up may be required from time to time, but no sooner than 8 to 10 months.

Q. Any other advice?

Dr.  Khan:  Yes, it is important  to have a consultation  with your practitioner and to ensure that there is confidence in creating  a natural result without any lumpiness.   It is very important  that the correct  plane  be found  in placement  of this filler, as placing it too superficially in this area with very thin skin can result in unpleasing results.

About your surgeon:

Dr. Jaffer Khan is the director and head consultant at Aesthetics International. A former Consultant Plastic Surgeon in the United Kingdom, he did his initial plastic surgical training at Cork University Hospital in Ireland before moving to the UK.

He is a member of and affiliated with: American Society of Plastic Surgeons Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, England, Glasgow, Wales, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American College of Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

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What’s new in Anti-Aging?

It’s finally November and as cooler winds approach the weather in the UAE has us all looking forward to more outdoor activities and gearing up for the holiday season.

So why not try the latest technique in anti-aging and give your skin a refreshed glow?

E Matrix -­ Radio Frequency is a non­surgical treatment designed to treat wrinkles, scars and large pores.

Also known as Sublative Rejuvenation Treatment, E ­Matrix works on all skin types and is a safe and effective method for diminishing aging signs such as scars, as well as improving texture of the skin.


  • Treats deep tissue acne scars non – ­invasively
  • Tightens the loose and sagging skin on face, neck, hands and chest
  • Evens the skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Treats wrinkles around eyes, neck, face and mouth
  • Short sessions ­ one treatment session takes just 20 minutes
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment

E ­Matrix doesn’t cause any burns or side effects to your skin. The downtime is very minimal which means you don’t have to take a long break from your daily activities. In most cases, people get back to work the very next day of the treatment. In a few cases, 2- 3 days recovery might be needed but not more than this.

E Matrix Radio Frequency
E Matrix Radio Frequency


E ­Matrix – Radio Frequency works by increasing collagen production (skin’s natural protein that builds up new skin cells and tissues) to treat deep acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and deep skin irregularities caused by sun exposure, acne and aging.

During the treatment process, small parts of radio frequency energy are made to pass through the skin layer. The radio frequency energy produces heat, which repairs the damaged tissues and stimulates the skin layer to produce collagen naturally that in turn boosts up the formation of new skin cells.

The heat is sent in a controlled manner, ensuring that it reaches the innermost layer of the skin without causing any damage to the outer skin layer.


Most people see an improvement straight away with their skin looking clearer and feeling firmer, right after the first treatment session. However, the full benefits will take 6­ – 8 weeks to become visible, as the new collagen is produced.

In general, you would need a minimum of 4 – 6 sessions for optimum results. However, the precise number of sessions would depend on your skin type and the severity of your skin problems.

E MATRIX AT Aesthetics International

Dr. Jaffer Khan’s clinic in Jumeirah offers E Matrix total skin rejuvenation under the skilled guidance of expert therapists.

Look refreshed and rejuvenated with our SPECIAL OFFER: AED 1,666 per session for full face.

Book your FREE skin consultation today and allow the experts to advise what would work best for you.

Be Refreshed, Be Rejuvenated with Mesotherapy

In need of a little skin rejuvenation? Trying to get rid of blemishes, or fine lines? Then Mesotherapy could be the answer you’ve been looking for…

Even in my early twenties, I have skin-related problems I’m not too proud of; scarring from incessant picking at every spot, discolouration caused by too much sun or by too much smoking, and I have a general lack of care towards my face. It’s slightly embarassing to be putting these small insecurities out there, but hey, do you know what? There’s an answer to what we’ve all been looking for, ladies.

Whether you’re like me in your twenties and only just seeing the signs of aging, where your smile lines are slowly blending into permanent wrinkles, or you’re a woman of a maturer age who’s in need of a little life restoring into your face, Mesotherapy can help you. I tried it myself, and I wouldn’t lie… I’m pretty astonished at the results! Even when my skin wasn’t that bad to begin with.


In fact, Mesotherapy is one of the most commonly used skin rejuvenation treatments in the industry! The treatment can also target signs of aging and other problems that may affect our skin’s quality and texture. And the best part? Apart from treating your skin problems, like signs of aging, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring, Mesotherapy also leaves your skin with a radiant, glowing and youthful look!

How does Mesotherapy work?

Well, my lovely therapist Olga Lelekova first gave me a a quick skin analysis to identify any problem areas on my face, and also ask of any allergies I may have. She then went on to explain that while I may have small scarring and a few spots, my skin does not require a deep treatment.

Before starting the Mesotherapy itself, Olga was kind enough to cleanse and exfoliate my skin to ensure it was prepped and ready for the next stage.

The treatment process itself includes you skin being injected with a mix of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and natural plant extracts which increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Expat Woman Reviews Mesotherapy at Aesthetics
Expat Woman Reviews Mesotherapy at Aesthetics

For me, Olga tailored the treatment to suit my skin, so the purpose of a Mesotherapy treatment on me is to primarily refresh and rejuvenate my skin to achieve that glowing look. My cocktail for skin renewal then included vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which suited my young complexion for skin rejuvenation and skin renewal. Hydrochloric acid was also included for the purpose of skin hydration, which is aimed at giving an instant and fresh glow.

Does Mesotherapy hurt?

The entire Mesotherapy is completely safe and painless, too! Olga used a dermapen to inject my Mesotherapy cocktail into my skin. Naturally, I was a little hesitant at the thought of the world “needle” however… I was being silly! In fact, the only discomfort you may feel is a mild tingling sensation, and you can opt to use the numbing cream to desensitise the area beforehand.

What are the after effects?

It’s normal to experience som redness for a couple of hours after the treatment. Olga was kind enough to add a calming mask to my face, that aids the healing of any small wounds that I may have had. She also added a BB cream to my face as she knew I was heading out after my treatment, so that reduced the redness for me. Actually, as Olga informed me, you are able to apply your make up after your treatment.

Will I experience the results I want?

I can safely say, absolutely. I only had one treatment, and I am still experiencing a noticable difference in my skin; so much so, that since the redness has gone down, I’ve not had to wear any concealer, foundation or powder since, which is absolutely fantastic.

After all, Mesotherapy promises to give instant results, so is perfect if you need to prep your skin for a party, special occassion or just want an uplifting refresh. Of course, treatment plans differ based on the skin’s condition, and 3 to 5 sessions are normally recommended for optimum results.

Results after 1 session of Mesotherapy
Results after 1 session of Mesotherapy

Written by Rebecca Fielding for

Review on Pumpkin Organic Peel

A Pumpkin Organic Peel Benefits Everyone

EW’s Stephanie was invited along to try out Aesthetics International’s Pumpkin Organic Peel facial, which is suitable for all skin types! She recommends!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good facial. And by good, I mean ‘professional’, not just one where they take your make up off then a bit of oil is massaged onto your skin and then off you go on your way. The facials offered by Aesthetics International are professional and clinical, meaning that they provide results rather than a spa style relaxing facial with plinky plonky music in the background.

Expat Woman Reviews Pumpkin Peel at Aesthetics
Expat Woman Reviews Pumpkin Peel at Aesthetics

I was invited along for their Pumpkin Organic Peel facial, which is suitable to all skin types including the sensitive types. My therapist, Olga Lelekova, explained to me that this facial is great for brightening the skin, getting rid of any dead skin cells, moisturising and plumping and generally having an overall improvement of your skins texture and tone. Something everyone can benefit from!

Olga started off by completely cleansing my face using their professional grade Theraderm products and then moved onto the exfoliation, which made my skin feel cleaner than it ever has done! Olga was great at explaining what she was doing and why she was using each product. I like this during a facial because I want to be reassured that the products being used are right for my skin and above all going to do what they claim to do.

After this step, Olga applied the many layers of the mask…. Each layer has a different benefit which works hand in hand with each of the other layers and ultimately leads to your skin being plumped, moisturised and feeling much firmer.

I suffer with a lot of redness and sensitivity on my face, so I have to be careful not to use products which are too harsh. This facial was perfect for me and I recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin or just needs a freshening up in between their regular facials. I walked out of the Aesthetics International clinic looking fresh and radiant, my skin felt clean and smooth and one week later I am still seeing the benefit of it.