How to avoid weight gain during the festive season

It’s December and whilst we are excited to ring in the month of festivities, we’re also dreading the weight gain that comes with it. Even if you have superhuman powers, the holiday season can be challenging for almost everyone. Staying on track with a healthy routine whilst the air is filled with mince pies, cookies and wine can be extremely exhausting and frankly, not much fun at all!

Here are a few things you can do to avoid gaining weight this month (and ensuring a happier you come January!)

Start your day with a bang

OK, we know it’s difficult. But starting your day with exercise can result in a healthy, stimulated mind all day long. Better yet, you will free up your schedule for other appointments and won’t have to worry about getting to the gym in the evenings! Yoga and Pilates are great for the body and soul; we highly recommend you try it.

Don’t save calories for later

Avoid starving throughout the day just so you can indulge at night! This sets you up for failure as you will most likely overeat, especially if you are faced with high calorie choices.  It is better to snack on healthy items such as fruits and proteins throughout the day.

Bring a healthy treat

Why not bring your own healthy treat to the party? Your dish might not be the most popular but at least it will help you avoid succumbing to your sweet tooth! And you might even teach everyone a thing or two about healthy eating.

Keep hydrated

Did you know that 70% of hunger is actually just thirst? It is important to remain hydrated in order to keep hunger pangs at bay. H20 also ensures your skin looks refreshed and radiant – perfect festive season concoction!

And if none of the above sound enticing enough for you, there’s always fat removal treatments like Velashape and Coolsculpting at Aesthetics International in Dubai!

للإستشارة المجانية لهذا العلاج استخدام النموذج أدناه

للإستشارة المجانية لهذا العلاج استخدام النموذج أدناه
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