How to get rid of pigmentation

Sun spots, pigmentation, and discolouration on the face can cause serious distress for those of us who strive for radiant skin.

Blame it on years of tanning and sun exposure! With age, the repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause Melanin, a compound responsible for pigmentation as well as protecting the skin, to clump together and form hyper-pigmentation. This appears in the form of brown spots and discoloured patches on the skin.

Apart from regular application of sun screen, there are other ways to help get rid of those pesky spots.


Chemical peels are one of the most popular non-invasive treatments performed to help rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Cosmelan is a peeling treatment targeted at removing pigmentation and spots. It’s a completely safe and effective technique for peeling which involves no side effects and is suitable to all skin types.

It’s a two­-step treatment; first the peel is applied to your skin by a trained aesthetician and you are made to wear the peel mask for the number of hours as recommended. The mask is then washed off and a cream is applied which aids in protecting the growth of new skin cells.


  1. Suitable for all skin types
  2. May be used on all types and depths of pigmentation (except during pregnancy)
  3. Completely safe
  4. May be used all year round – strict sun avoidance is not required
  5. Controls acne
  6. Yields continuous skin rejuvenation


Dramatic reduction of pigmentation (over 60%) within 8-14 days irrespective of depth of pigmentation.

Melasma before cosmelan peel
Results of cosmelan peel
After Cosmelan Peel (2 weeks)


Call +9714 3469888 for a free consultation and skin analysis session or use the form below to book an appointment.

Get a FREE gold collagen facial (worth AED 750) when availing this treatment.



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How to get rid of pigmentation
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