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عمليات إعادة تصحيح تشوهات الوجه

Cosmetic surgery helps in the treatment of defects and facial deformities after injuries such as road accidents and eradicate tumors or after burns.

The surgery to reconstruct soft tissues in:

  • Damaged tissue for skin cancer
  • Bruises and scars after a traffic accident on the way
  • Burns

This is done with the surgery is usually for people who have suffered facial injuries caused by an accident or severe illness.

The results of treatment

Necessary to carry out an initial assessment with the surgeon to determine the course of the operation of the cosmetic face of the way.

Can through this evaluation, to understand what are the expected results and how the results that can be achieved as a result of that surgery.

It is re after surgery, it is normal to see some effects in places that were conducted by some of the cracks, but these cracks completely healed, and will these effects or scars less dramatically and disappear after a period of convalescence ..

We are consulted a plastic surgeon to have to discuss the best ways to recover quickly and get immediate results.

We Alostteix International Clinic, we have a medical team enjoys a wide reputation which ensures you to get excellent results for each patient individually.

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