What you need to know about Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are enjoying a bit of a surge in popularity at the moment, possibly boosted by glamorous female celebs endorsing the trend, and also because today’s more sophisticated lip enhancement techniques have built up a better reputation over the last few years.

Individuals opting for contemporary lip filler procedures also have the benefit of being able to take a gradual approach to achieving the desired result through a number of appointments, and, unlike its silicone predecessor, is not a permanent procedure.

Lip Enhancement at Aesthetics International
We offer a variety of lip enhancement procedures tailored to your needs based on a thorough consultation with one of our expert aesthetic plastic surgeons. Our surgeons will talk in depth to you about the results you are seeking, and advise you on the best way to achieve these.
We’re here to answer some common questions about minimally invasive lip fillers before you choose if it’s right for you.

What are lip fillers and what do they do?
The majority of lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies which transfers nutrients from our bloodstream to our skin cells. You’ll probably have seen hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient in many youth-enhancing skincare products – these do have an effect, however cannot penetrate deeply enough to make an immediate, major difference.

When hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the lips, the effect is immediate, plumping and adding volume and shape. The amount of filler administered is controllable, and individuals can opt of a more gradual approach of several appointments until the desired lip-lusciousness is achieved.

The effects last for four – six months, and top-up sessions can be carried out to keep your pout plumped.(Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

Are lip fillers safe?
Every aesthetic procedure carries a small risk, however, there are steps you can take to ensure your treatment is as safe and successful as possible:

• Do not opt for lip fillers at a spa or salon, (or worse – a private home). Only allow a qualified, cosmetic physician at a reputable clinic carry out the procedure.
• Do your research, check reviews of individual doctors and clinics, ask for ‘before and after’ photos of the doctor’s patients.
• Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your consultation, the doctor should explain all procedure and product options.
• Make sure you see which product the doctor is using, and that it is taken from the packaging in front of you.

As mentioned, hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, and any allergic reaction is highly unlikely.

Is lip enhancement painful?
Most individuals opt for dental block or numbing cream prior to the filler injections, which numbs the lips and surrounding area to make the procedure painless. If anything, you’ll maybe only feel a slight prick of the needle and the filler being pushed into the lips – which may feel a bit strange. Your doctor will then ‘massage’ the filler to ensure even distribution of the product, making sure there aren’t any lumps or bumps, and that the end result is aesthetically balanced.

You might have a little swelling and bruising following your treatment, as the lips are a delicate area, if this is the case, applying an ice pack will reduce this. Any swelling should subside and the final result apparent within one to three days.

At Aesthetics International, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions and offer our expert advice on the best treatment for you if you are exploring the idea of lip fillers. Get in touch via our contact form, or call us on 04 384 5600 to book an expert consultation.

Getting rid of unwanted body fat – Liposuction vs. Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

At Aesthetics International in Dubai, we offer both liposuction and a range of non-invasive fat reduction procedures, carried out by our internationally accredited expert surgeons, doctors and therapists.

We know that opting for a fat reduction procedure can be daunting, especially with the number of clinics, and even salons in Dubai, offering an endless range of fat-busting treatments and procedures. So how do you know which to choose? Which is best for your body type? We’re here to give you the lowdown on liposuction and the non-invasive procedures we offer, and to help you make an informed choice of which one might benefit you the most.

Shifting stubborn fat

Many of us have little qualms about certain parts of our bodies – that stubborn muffin top, wobbly thighs, or that pesky upper arm area – and it’s frustrating when your dedicated healthy diet and committed exercise regime just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.It’s becoming more ‘the norm’ now to turn to liposuction or ‘body contouring’ procedures to achieve the body shape you aspire to.
At Aesthetics International, Dr. Jaffer Khan leads the highly experienced aesthetic surgery team in providing expert, consistent surgery procedures, including liposuction. Our body contouring specialists have years of experience, are well informed of the latest non-invasive techniques to consult and advise on the best procedure for our clients.

Why choose liposuction?

Liposuction, (or lipoplasty, liposculpture, as it is also known by), is a surgical procedure which as the name suggests uses suction as a method to break up and remove unwanted fat deposits from the body via a specialised cannula.

It’s great for individuals who want more dramatic fat reduction results, (compared to non-invasive techniques), and is widely used effectively on problem areas including the tummy, ‘love handles’, arms and legs, buttocks, as well as the more delicate facial and neck areas. (Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

What are the pros and cons of liposuction?

Our expert consultants will explain the pros and cons of liposuction to help you make an informed choice:


  • More dramatic results in comparison to non-invasive or body contouring procedures
  • Permanent to long-lasting results
  • Effective at targeting several problem areas in one procedure
  • Effective in reducing larger areas of unwanted fat.


  • Cost – higher one-off cost than non-invasive procedures
  • Health implications – while liposuction is a trusted and widely practiced procedure, there is a small risk of health implications in comparison to non-invasive techniques
  • General anaesthetic is commonly required
  • It can be painful post-surgery, with the probability of some swelling and bruising of the treated area
  • Compression garments and some rest & recuperation time are required for the days following the procedure.Read more about what to expect when choosing Aesthetics International for your liposuction treatment here.

What are my options for non-invasive fat reduction?

Our Body Contouring department at Aesthetics International offers a range of the latest nonsurgical treatments and procedures to ‘reshape’ your body through targeting problem areas and eliminating fat cells. Our aesthetic therapists will advise and guide you in choosing the best treatment for the body shape you aspire to. We offer the following non-invasive treatments:

Ideal for individuals who have attained their target weight or shape, but just need a little help in shifting localised, stubborn areas, especially on the hips, thighs and tummy. CoolSculpting basically freezes the fat cells, rendering them inactive, then the body does the rest – flushing out the dead cells a couple of weeks after the treatment. Results can be impressive, and even better – they’re permanent. (Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

VelaShape 3
VelaShape is has the advantage of targeting both excess body fat, and cellulite, shaping and toning the body using vacuum technology to ‘prep’ the skin for a combination of infrared light and bi-polar radio frequency energies to work their magic. The benefits are quick treatment with no recovery time – and it’s like a 30-minute deep tissue massage. (Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

Mesotherapy works quite differently from other nonsurgical fat reduction options in that utilises a blend of natural extracts, homeopathic agents and vitamins, which is injected into problem areas to ‘melt’ body fat. The liquefied fat is then naturally processed as a waste by-product by the body. Mesotherapy has the added benefit of smoothing the skin’s appearance as well as reducing cellulite. (Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

Discover more about non-invasive fat reduction treatments offered by Aesthetics International here.

What are the pros & cons of non-invasive treatments?

• Minimal pain, bruising or swelling
• Quick treatment time
• No incisions, stitches or anaesthesia
• No recovery period needed
• Ideal for smaller, stubborn areas

• Multiple sessions may be required
• Results are not as dramatic as liposuction
• Results may take time to become noticeable

It’s important to note that liposuction and the non-invasive fat reduction procedures are not treatments for obesity, and they are not weight loss solutions. These procedures are purely for cosmetic results, helping you achieve a body shape you aspire to by targeting and eliminating fat cells in problem areas.

At Aesthetics International, we’re here to offer advice and consultation if you are considering undergoing fat reduction treatment, ensuring you choose the best option for you.

Non Surgical Body Shaping

What is Velashape?

VelaShape® is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for circumferential and cellulite reduction*. VelaShape enables you to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well shaped body in typcially 3 treatment sessions (single treatment protocol is also available); making you look and feel more youthful. VelaShape provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.(Every patient is a unique individual and every procedure has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

Which areas can be treated with VelaShape?

Cellulite treatment areas could be on the neck (under chin), arms, thighs, buttocks, flank and abdomen. Most patients see gradual and cumulative results throughout the treatment regime.

Is VelaShape treatment right for me?

VelaShape is not a weight loss treatment. VelaShape uses a combination of technologies to contour your body, reducing the trouble spots that diet and exercise can’t reach. The ideal VelaShape patient is someone with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 30, who falls under The Nurnberger-Muller Cellulite Classification Stage 1 and 2. Ask your doctor to see if you’re a candidate for VelaShape treatments.

What VelaShape does

The technology
VelaShape technology combines infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. This type of efficient heating and vacuum stimulates the growth of new and better collagen and elastin which results in localized reduction in skin laxity, body volume, and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

What do I expect from VelaShape treatments?

• Gradual smoothing of skin’s surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite
• Circumferential reduction, with noticeable reshaping of the treated area
(Every patient is a unique individual and every procedure has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

What is the VelaShape procedure like?

Most patients find VelaShape comfortable and describe the treatment as feeling like a warm deep-tissue massage. The treatment parameters are easily adjusted to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours after your treatment. Some patients report a pinkish appearance at the treatment area that may last a few hours post treatment, and skin may appear pink for several hours.

VelaShape Mechanism of Action

VelaShape uses vacuum technology to manipulate your skin while infrared light (IR) and bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energies will gently heat fat cells and surrounding tissue. Over the course of your treatments, you will notice a reduction in both circumference and in the appearance of cellulite in the treated areas.(Every patient is a unique individual and every procedure has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

Patient Testimonials

Shopping for clothes has always been one of my favorite activities. And since I lost a couple of inches with VelaShape, it’s become even more fun. Clothes fit better, and my confidence is through the roof!
K.F New York, United States
Even though I’ve always gotten plenty of exercise, I still had a real love-hate relationship with the fitting room. Now that VelaShape has helped me take an inch off my abdomen, I feel like everything I try on fits a little bit better!
J.N. United States

Plastic Surgery for removal of stubborn fat

Liposuction in Dubai

If you look in your mirror and all you can see is flabby bits in the wrong spots, then liposuction or liposculpture may be something to think about to remove stubborn fat.

Liposuction, also known as lipo or lipoplasty, is one of the safest and most popular cosmetic body procedures requested today.

Liposuction can help to reshape virtually any area of the body by removing fat from stubborn areas that are not responsive to lifestyle.


Liposuction is a surgical technique that improves the body’s contour by removing excess fat from deposits located between the skin and muscle.

Liposuction techniques may be used to reduce localized fat deposits of the body around your:

Thighs and Inner knee
Hips and buttocks
Calves and ankles
Abdomen and waist
Upper arms and Back
Chest area
Cheeks, chin and neck

Body-contouring - Dubai-UAE

Liposuction involves the use of a small stainless steel tube, called a cannula (from the Latin word for reed, tube, cane). The cannula is connected to a powerful suction pump and inserted into the fat through small incisions in the skin. Fat removal is accomplished as the suction cannula creates tiny tunnels through the fatty layers. After surgery, these tiny tunnels collapse resulting in an improved body contour.

coolsculpting - treatments for fat reduction

Recovery times range from 24 hours to seven days and you can be back to work in as little as a week following your procedure. (Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

The most important consideration in selecting any cosmetic body procedures is safety and the experience and quality of your surgeon.

Our outstanding team of Practitioners are some of the best and most respected in the industry.

Dr. Jaffer Khan is both US & UK Board certified in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Our team operates at accredited major hospitals in Dubai using only experienced anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

Please contact us using the Contact Form to arrange to book a consultation with one of our expert Specialist Plastic Surgeons or to speak with our Patient Coordinator.

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Botox For Prevention

Botox in Dubai

Botox has long been touted as a way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but did you know it can also keep wrinkles from ever forming in the first place?

That’s why we’ve begun to see younger people coming in for Botox and Dysport treatments in Dubai, before their wrinkles are pronounced. It’s called preventive Botox, and is used to keep the wrinkles from happening, rather than trying to reverse them after the fact.(Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

Botox as a skincare regime

Botox is only one tool in your toolbox for maintaining youthful skin. Wearing high-quality sunscreen and a daily skin cleaning regimen are also key. But if you notice the beginning of frown lines and creases, Botox may help them disappear before they can form deep, lasting wrinkles.

Botox Dubai

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about Botox and Dysport treatments in Dubai, and whether or not they’re right for you.

Our board certified plastic surgeons will ensure you’re in the best of hands!

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Preparing For Your Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty at Aesthetics Dubai

The thought of undergoing a rhinoplasty can be a pretty exciting, yet nerve wracking feeling. The best way to overcome these nerves is by being mentally and physically prepared, and informed in every way possible.


At your initial Rhinoplasty or Nose Job consultation with your plastic surgeon, he/she is likely to ask you what you wish to achieve from this surgery. You should be prepared to explain to your doctor in exactly what you want in detail. You must be aware that the doctor is limited by the external and internal structures of the nose. Although they can improve the appearance of it, they cannot just create a new nose. After the doctor examines your nose, he/she will explain what can be done to improve and perfect your nose and if you are a good candidate for Rhinoplasty. If the doctor fully understands the results you wish to achieve, he’ll be able to tell you if your goals and expectations are realistic.

Rhinoplasty Dubai

It is important that you tell your doctor if you have previously had an injury to your nose or any type of surgery on your nose, even if it was a long time ago. Your plastic surgeon should also be aware of any breathing difficulties or allergies you may have. If you have heart, lung, or liver disease, poor circulation, diabetes, smoke, take certain medications, or have a history of blood clots, you are at a higher risk for complications. It is essential that you explain your medical history in detail when speaking to your doctor.

Before Your Surgery

For about three weeks before your scheduled surgery date, it is important that you quit smoking to reduce the risk of complications. It is recommended that you do not continue smoking after your surgery either. Smoking has been shown to cause poor healing and cause scars. You should also arrange for a loved one to drive you from the hospital and take care of you the first few days after surgery. Your doctor will give you a list of prescriptions you must get, these should be filled before your surgery. Eating healthy before your surgery is always a good idea. Feeding your body the right nutrients and vitamins will help your body adapt to the changes that are being made and help you recover faster. Water is also very important. You must stay hydrated before and after surgery.

It is likely that your doctor will provide you with a list of things you should and should not do before surgery. As long as you do as your doctor says, things should go smooth and surgery should be a breeze!

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Do You Need A “Lift?”

What is Breast Lift surgery?

Mastopexy, more commonly known as a “breast lift,” is gaining popularity. This procedure can assist with aging, deflated-looking breasts, due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and hereditary factors. If you want to have added volume, a silicone or saline implant can give you that added “lift” factor.

One of our board-certified plastic surgeons can assess which type of breast lift would be best suited for your specific needs. With minimal surgery time and a simple recovery plan, you too can reap the “lifted” benefits.

Feel confident in your favorite blouse, bra, t-shirt and especially a bathing suit. All will fit and feel better, so why wait to “lift” your spirits?

Schedule your consultation with one of our board certified surgeons for a breast lift surgery in Dubai. Call 043469888 or click here to schedule a consultation.

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What can I do to appear less tired?

It’s said that the eyes are windows to the soul, and so it’s only natural to want your eyes to project the best impression possible. Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery as it’s more commonly called, is one of the most rewarding surgeries you will ever have.

As we age, the physicial manifestations of this appear as early as the mid 30’s. If your upper eyelids appear droopy, with excess skin giving you a tired appearance, then an upper blepharoplasty will give you a whole new outlook. Upper eyelid surgery can be performed under local sedation, leaving you looking refreshed, youthful, and most important, rested.

Also, if you have puffiness or bags under your eyes, you may want to consider a lower blepharoplasty. Upper and lower eyelids are often addressed at the same time with surgery performed in a hospital setting.

If sleepless nights are catching up with you, under eye fillers are a good option. The hollow under the eye is filled to create volume, which matches that of the cheek. This causes a lightening effect which helps you appear more rested and youthful!
A simple consult with our board-certified plastic surgeons will determine the best course of action for you.

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Are you a female having hot flashes? Mood swings? Night Sweats? Urine Problems? Insomnia? Vaginal Dryness? Decrease Sexual Desire? Stress? Tiredness? And Fatigue?

All these symptoms are because of a process that occurs overtime, and it is called PERIMENOPAUSE a transition period to MENOPAUSE, which is the absence of the menstrual period for 12 months.

It is a time in woman’s life, where her fertility function ceases.

It can start as early as 30 or as late 60 years old.

Usually it is related to other health problems like weight gain, osteoporosis, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

There is fluctuation during the perimenopause period in the female’s hormones in the body, like Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone which are responsible for most of the problems that women face during that transition.

Several remedies can be used, some are herbal, like red clover, dong quai or black cohosh.

Others like Bioidentical hormone therapy which are hormones derived from plants prepared individually for patients at Compounding Pharmacies.

Another remedy is to stay healthy using modified lifestyle which includes nutritious diet, physical activity and stress management skills.

Mostly combining multiple remedies are much better for optimum health and alleviation of perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Is what you are eating making you sick?

Learn more about food intolerance:
Food can be medicine or can be a toxin to the body.

A very high percentage of people suffer from food intolerance (non allergic food hypersensitivity) which can produce multiple symptoms like fluid retention, weight gain,acne and other skin problems, headaches, anxiety, bloating and more.

The continuous consumption of certain foods to which you have intolerance to, weakens your resistance to many common illnesses and conditions.  A weak defence enables illnesses to develop and take hold of your body.

If you have food intolerance you may be able to eat small amounts of the offending foods without trouble.

Once a threshold is reached by the body to digest the offending food the body starts reacting and triggering some diseases to form like autoimmune thyroiditis, autoimmune joint diseases and there might be a relationship between food intolerance and dementia like Alzheimer’s disease.

Causes of food intolerance may include:
•stress or psychological factors
•food additives like sulfites used to preserve dried food and nitrites used in meat preservation
•Food poisoning caused by parasites, toxins and bacteria
•Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition that can cause cramping, constipation and
•Celiac disease is a digestive condition triggered by eating gluten a protein found in wheat and other grains.

If you have a reaction after eating a particular food there is a specific test that can identify the different foods that your body is unable to digest and process properly.
Once you identify those foods, you will have to stop eating them for a certain period of time, which after that, your body will forget how to react to them and you will be able in some circumstances to eat those foods again and no longer have a reaction.

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Fillers: Reclaiming the Radiance

Interested in Fillers? Read on here

Teosyal Redensity is a light filler treatment which combines regular fillers with mesotherapy to restore the the skin’s light reflecting properties.

It is an ideal treatment for both men and women of any age who have noticed the following signs of ageing beginning to develop:

Tired features
Loss of tone and radiance
Dull complexion
Dehydrated Skin
Fine lines

What is Teosyal Redensity?

This light filling innovation is specifically formulated to leave you with a lighter and brighter tone, with a natural looking result.It consists of Amino Acids, Antioxidants, and Hyaluronic Acid. These ingredients are already present in your skin so this product is fully intended to give dull and lifeless skin the boost it needs.

How does Hyaluronic Acid benefit skin?

The magic of this ingredient lies in it’s ability to retain moisture; one gram of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold up to six litres of water! This is important with regards to aging because as we age, our skin loses moisture, resulting in a loss of firmness and elasticity.

Although many skincare products and creams contain this ingredient, effectiveness is variable as the penetration is not the same.

On special offer this month only:
AED 2,300 + FREE session of Mesotherapy worth AED 750

Discover more about our “Summer Radiance Package” at Aesthetics.

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Cryo Facial – What is it, how it works and the benefits

What is Cryo?

Cryogenics has been used for hundreds of years. The most common form is the use of ice baths to reduce muscle swelling, soreness and speed up recovery. The Cryo Facial uses a similar principle, but is far more targeted to the face and neck.

How does the Cryo Facial work?

The Cryo Facial treatment is non-invasive and pain free and works through means of Cryotherapy or “freeze therapy”.

The skin is rapidly cooled, using a beam of vaporized liquid nitrogen, to well below freezing in a matter of minutes using a revolutionary ‘cryo-probe’. This leads to a tightening of the microcirculation blood stream, known as vasoconstriction, and then dilation of blood vessels and capillaries which helps to flush toxins and impurities away from the skin.

The process works to contract the skin and accelerate microcirculation which supports better oxygenation of dermal cells, encourages collagen production and helps to detox and rejuvenate the skin.

The Effects & Benefits of Cryo Facial

The Cryo Facial treatment has numerous benefits including:

Restoring firmness and radiance
Helping to reduce pigmentation or uneven skin tone
Helping to rejuvenate fatigued skin
Increasing skin radiance
Improving skin texture and tone
Lightening scars left from acne
Soothing inflammation
Treating skin conditions such as eczema

The treatment only takes 10 minutes and the results are immediate and there is generally no post treatment downtime or after effects. The Cryo Facial can be conducted as a one off treatment but the best results will come with repeat applications. What’s more it can be taken as a stand alone or with other treatments, such as Mesotherapy.

Is it safe?

The Cryo Facial treatment is non invasive so is generally seen as a very safe procedure but always ensure you are being treated by a registered, fully trained practitioner and ensure you discuss the treatment with your consultant prior to starting.

Pregnant women and those suffering from health complaints such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease and others should avoid the treatments.

Liposuction: Everything You Need To Know


Liposuction targets excess fat – slimming and reshaping specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and improving your body contours and proportion.

Areas where this procedure can be applied include:

  • Thighs
  • Hips & Buttocks
  • Abdomen & Waist
  • Back
  • Inner Knee
  • Chest Area
  • Cheeks, Chin & Neck
  • Calves & Ankles

Ideal candidates include:

  • Adults within 30% of their ideal weight who have firm, elastic and good muscle tone
  • Non Smokers
  • Individuals with specific goals in mind for body contouring

Will it hurt?

The procedure can be carried out under local or general anesthetic, but once the anesthetic wears off you may feel some pain and experience some swelling.


The results of liposuction will be long lasting, provided you maintain a stable weight and general fitness. As your body ages, it is natural to lose some firmness but most of your improvement should be relatively permanent.

How long will I take to recover?

Patients are not usually required to spend the night in the hospital following the procedure. A compression garment is required to be worn for 2-3 weeks post surgery.

What are the risks of liposuction?

Every surgical procedure comes with risks attached and liposuction is no different. It is important to understand the consent forms for potential risks and complications. Risks can include bruising, changes in skin sensation that may persist, fluid accumulation, infection, persistent swelling, worsening of cellulite and even need for revision surgery. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these potential complications before undertaking liposuction surgery.

For Consultation for this treatment use the form below

For Consultation for this treatment use the form below
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FAQ’s: Injectable Fillers

Non Surgical Fillers

Recently, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released new and informative statistics; an increase of 21% in non surgical fillers from last year. Interestingly enough, most of these procedures were lip fillers. Adding volume to the lips seems to be an ongoing trend now, especially with the younger generation.  Furthermore, patients are able to benefit from a very natural looking result without having to undergo surgery.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jaffer Khan answers some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to the procedure.

FAQ’s: Fillers with Dr. Jaffer Khan

Q.1.  What can I look to achieve with fillers, and who is a good candidate?

A.1.  During the process of aging, both gravitational effects and deflation are evident.  Volumization with fillers will treat the deflation aspect, both due to the loss of fat as a process of aging and also the reduction in collagen and elastic fibers in the skin.  Aging parameters, however, are not alone in their requirement for volumization as fillers can also be used to replace volume, which was never there due to inadequate bony structure or inadequate fat composition in a certain part of the face.  Indeed, this is true in the lips themselves where the amount of dry vermillion is lacking, and volumization of the lips such as to roll out the wet vermillion into the dry vermillion area will create a semblance of a larger lip.  Therefore, both younger and older patients will benefit from volume.

Good candidates are those who have good quality skin and who are looking to achieve results, which are not necessarily as good as the surgical ones, but indeed could be.

Q.2.  Which fillers do you use?

A.2.  We use predominantly hyaluronic acid fillers, and there are many proprietary brands for this.  We also use calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), but we never use anything permanent as these largely have not had a good track record and have caused a multitude of problems in the past, which are not reconcilable.

Q.3.  How long do they last?

A.3.  This depends on the particle size of the hyaluronic acid used as well as the location.  Normally, fillers in those areas which are moving such as the nasolabial folds, the marionette lines, and the chin, as well as the lips, would usually last anywhere from 4 to 8 months.  Other areas placed deep on the cheek or in the under eye or temporal areas may last for a couple of years.  It is always a good idea to speak to your doctor regarding this, as oftentimes the length of time the filler is supposed to last published by the manufacturers are not entirely accurate.

Q.4.  Are there any side effects?

A.4.  Anything that we do in life has potential effects, and some of these can be adverse.  For fillers, the obvious ones are occasional bruising, bleeding, and potentially, sometimes, infection (although I have never seen this with the use of fillers over 15 years).  Some patients are allergic to hyaluronic acid, but this is also very rare, and this can result in prolonged redness, swelling, or pain, but this is completely resolvable. 

The most dangerous complication of fillers are vascular ones where inadvertent injection into an artery or a vein could result in congestion, prolonged swelling, redness, loss of skin, and even permanent loss of eyesight.   Mentioning these things are frightening for patients and quite understandably; however, it is important to consent patients for these potentially, extremely rare and adverse effects because the risk is certainly not zero.

Q.5.  I have had heard that fillers are a good alternative to a nose job.  Could you please explain how fillers can assist in this instance?

A.5.  Non-surgical rhinoplasty can only really be achieved with fillers if we are looking for those specific conditions, which are involving augmentation.  What I mean by this is addition of volume in certain areas, like increasing the projection of the tip and filling any defects, either proximal to distal to a hump, such that we produce a streamlined straight dorsum of the nose or increased projection of the tip would all be useful as an alternative to surgery.  In cases where noses are large and we are using a reduction method to achieve harmonious result, obviously fillers cannot be used.

Fillers are also very useful in correction of secondary post rhinoplasty deformities whereby small depressions can be corrected by use of fillers, which would last several months.  The interesting part is that by repeated usage, it seems the longevity in that particular area seems to be increasing, and this could be because of the fibrotic response of constant trauma when one is doing the fillers repeatedly over a period of years.

Q.6.  How can one avoid looking unnatural with fillers?

A.6.  The key for avoiding unnatural appearance is judicious use and conservative use.  One should never overfill, and should essentially do it in a step-wise fashion such that the patient obtains the confidence and also knows that they both tolerate the filler well and like its effects.  Undoubtedly, the most common cause of unnatural appearance is over-volumization. 

Popular Non Surgical Treatments for Facial Ageing

Facial rejuvenation refers to the combination of cosmetic procedures used to restore your facial features to their previous youthful appearance.

We know that nonsurgical treatments including fillers, Botox and fat injections can be used for volume enhancement and wrinkle and fold eradication.

But what other non surgical options are out there for those who want to compliment their surgical results without going under the knife per say?

To help you safely navigate the dizzying array of procedures available,we have selected a few of the latest procedures.


Factors such as sun damage, heredity, and diet often contribute to lines and age spots on the face. Lasers and Radio Frequency such as Ematrix and CO2 Fractional help reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyper pigmentation, acne and scars.


Ultherapy (ultrasound therapy) is the latest device on the market which uses heat energy to penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin. Eye bags, sagging neck and jaw line, and even droopy brows tend to be the most common complaints in the field of plastic surgery. Luckily, devices such as these give patients more non invasive options.


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a cosmetic procedure which involves using the patient’s own blood which is then placed on a device in order to separate the red blood cells from the rich plasma. The PRP is then injected into the deep dermis of the skin using a fine needle. PRP is a great non invasive procedure if you are looking to improve dark circles under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, or just overall skin rejuvenation.


Recently touted by Vogue as skin care’s next big thing, Mesotherapy leaves skin glowing and refreshed, and the best part is that there’s no downtime. Frequently used by patients before a special occasion, Mesotherapy improves skin quality and texture and helps improve fine lines and wrinkles.


A facial treatment that sprays tiny exfoliating crystals onto the skin, helping to exfoliate dull or sun damaged skin. Microdermabrasion remains a favorite amongst celebrities.

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What Is Ultherapy? Find out more.

Dr. Jaffer Khan & the Aesthetics team bring to you ULTHERAPY; the only FDA approved non surgical treatment for face lifting.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Aesthetics International brings to you an exclusive coffee morning at Emirates Golf Club.

Guests will have the opportunity to meet and chat with reputed plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaffer Khan, on a trending non-invasive, anti-ageing procedure called ULTHERAPY.

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Ultherapy Dubai
Ultherapy Event Dubai

But what is ULTHERAPY?

ULTHERAPY is a non-surgical procedure for the face and neck that stimulates the body’s own natural healing process to lift the skin over time. The use of FDA cleared ultrasound technology enables physicians to see and then treat the deepest support layers of the skin – typically addressed in cosmetic surgery – without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

“Ultherapy represents a whole new category within aesthetic medicine,” says Dr. Khan. “It is an ideal cosmetic procedure for those looking for natural yet noticeable results.”

Ultherapy relies on Ultrasound therapy to deliver it’s collagen boosting treatment. It also incorporates traditional ultrasound imaging, which allows practioners to see the layers of tissue they are treating, ensuring the treatment energy is delivered to where it will be most beneficial.

The treatment typically takes around 90 minutes. Afterward, patients are able to return to normal activities right away.

With just one Ultherapy treatment, the lifting process is initiated, but the effect will build gradually over the course of 2-3 months as new, stronger collagen and elastin are created. Further improvements can even appear up to 6 months following a procedure as this collagen building process continues.

Ultherapy on E!News:



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Laser Hair Removal: Are you a good candidate?

Laser Hair Removal

Also known as light based hair removal and laser hair reduction

Laser hair removal is a convenient, noninvasive method for permanently reducing or removing unwanted facial or body hair. It leaves the skin looking smoother and silkier than waxing, electrolysis or razors and is a gentle technique that can treat larger areas effectively with minimal discomfort and with no downtime. Today, laser hair removal is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed in the United States.

When to Consider Laser Hair Removal

  • If you have unwanted facial or body hair that makes you feel self-conscious or limits your ability to wear certain clothing
  • If you have dark hair and light skin
  • If you are looking for an alternative to waxing, electrolysis, shaving and bleaching



  • Both large and small areas of the body are effectively treated
  • May make skin color and complexion more uniform
  • Most patients have permanent hair loss after an average of 3 to 8 sessions


  • Multiple treatments are usually required to produce satisfactory results
  • Patients with darker skin may not respond well due to inadequate discrepancy between skin and hair colors
  • Blonde or gray/white hair is less responsive due to lack of ample pigment in the hair

These are the top three pros and cons to weigh when considering laser hair removal. If you want to focus on what is unique to you, please consult with your aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Are you a good candidate for a laser hair removal?

The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider laser hair removal:

  • You have unwanted facial or body hair that makes you feel self-conscious
  • You are looking for an alternative to waxing, electrolysis, shaving and bleaching
  • You have dark hair and light skin

Darker hairs will absorb more of the laser light and lighter skin allows more transmission of the laser light into the hair follicle. Age, ethnicity, medication, hormone levels and body area affect the length, coarseness and color of body hair, which in turn will influence the results of any cosmetic laser treatment.

  1. Laser hair removal is safe for all parts of the body, including the face, but a protective eye cover is usually used.
  2. Permanently removing or reducing hair on the legs can save time, money and aggravation on shaving and waxing.

**Content taken from www.smartbeautyguide.com

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Valentines Day Rejuvenation

Looking for the perfect Valentines Day rejuvenation in Dubai?

Why not treat yourself or a loved one to a special skin rejuvenation treatment that includes all treatments designed to assist in reducing pigmentation, scars, acne and increase collagen production?

Valentines Day Dubai
Treat yourself to a special facial this Valentine’s Day

The 3D super tightening facial includes:

  • Deep cleaning with steam to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads
  • Microdermabrasion, an effective non invasive exfoliating process to get rid of dead skin cells
  • IPL soft light laser (Skin whitening + tightening)
  • E Matrix RF radio frequency
  • Mesotherapy
  • Gold Collagen tightening Mask

As skin problems differ from person to person, the ideal candidate for a skin rejuvenation treatment is someone who has:

  • Uneven skin tone
  • Age spots or Sun Spots
  • Fine lines
  • Enlarged pores
  • Not suffered from a complex skin disorder

The 3D skin tightening facial will leave you with glowing, radiant and refreshed skin. All in time for the valentine’s day weekend!

Price: AED 1,800 per session (Package Deal) AED 2,200 (Single Session)

Clinic: Aesthetics International, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah. 043469888 or info@aesthetics.ae for a booking.

Learn more about what the 3D super tightening facial can do for you.

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Hair Loss Solution in Dubai

Chlorinated water in Dubai has a severe effect on your scalp and can cause hair loss.

It is an often heard rumor that the water streaming from the taps in the UAE is the cause of hair loss and an end number of solutions are available to avoid losing some more.

A shower head eliminates a certain percentage (depending on the design) of chloride, kills harmful bacteria and ionizes the water.

Women who have used the shower filter are positive about the results. “I suffered badly from hair loss due to the harsh water in Dubai and after I started using this hair filter it made my skin  better as well as I stopped losing hair. It catches a lot of the sand, chlorine, and harsh impurities that are in the water here in Dubai,” tells one of the women on ExpatWoman.


  • Softer, Shinier and more manageable hair
  • Prevents color fade out
  • Relief from dry skin and itchy/flaky scalp
  • Great for those with Chlorine sensitivity
  • Relief from asthma attacks
  • Removes 90% of Chlorine
  • Improves texture of skin

Vivandi Dechlorinating Shower filter is a non-cartridge shower filter that removes toxic chlorine from your shower with the best in style and technology. The result is better skin conditions, more manageable hair and reduction of itches and rashes. It is the most environmentally correct filter because it uses less plastic and lasts longer.  

Vivandi Shower Filters have been specifically designed based on the chlorine contents of the Middle East’s major cities’ drinking water. The filters also work wonderfully with any type of hand-held showers.

Now available at Aesthetics.

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Thyroid Testing by Sofie Skogen

Thyroid Testing in Dubai

Homepathy in Dubai
Sofie Skogen, Homeopathic Physician, Dubai

Dear reader,

Do you or any of you or your family friends (including children) suffer from:

  • tiredness
  • being sensitive to cold
  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • depression
  • slow movements and thoughts
  • muscle aches and weakness
  • muscle cramps
  • dry and scaly skin
  • brittle hair and nails
  • loss of libido
  • pain,numbness, and tingling sensation in the hand and fingers
  • irregular periods or heavy periods

Elderly people with an underactive thyroid may develop memory problems and depression. Children may experience slower growth and development. Teenagers may start puberty earlier than normal.

Later symptoms of an underachieve thyroid may include:

  • a low pitched and hoarse voice
  • puffy face
  • thinning eyebrows
  • a slow heart rate
  • hearing loss
  • anaemia

And if you have any of these symptoms:

  • palpitations
  • insomnia
  • shakiness
  • increased sweating
  • brittle nails
  • loss of appetite

Your thyroid might be overactive. Sometimes one has both.

These are all symptoms of thyroid problems, they might easily be misdiagnosed and confused with other conditions as the symptom picture can be very similar.

Thyroid related illnesses is the “new” epidemic we are facing. The incidence of thyroid cancer is increasing more rapidly than that of any other cancer in the United States.

A normal blood test is not a good measurement for the functioning of the thyroid and core hormones. It has an accuracy of only about 18 % according to new research.

The good news is that there are other ways to check the thyroid and the core hormone functions, and it’s a non-invasive method, based on using the reflexes.  The test can easily be performed on children down to the age of 7.

Thyroid Function Testing in Dubai: Thyroflex is a non invasive thyroid test which measures your brachioradialis reflexometry (BR reflex) and resting metabolic rate, providing results in 5 minutes. The Thyroflex test identifies if your thyroid function is under or overactive, or within optimal range.If you are already taking thyroid medication the thyroflex helps to ensure you are on the appropriate thyroid hormone replacement dosage with 98.5% accuracy


What role does the thyroid have in the body? 

The thyroid plays a key role in your body. Thyroid hormones regulate just about every cell in the body, including those in the central nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys, skin, bone and muscles. Among its most important functions is the control of the rate of metabolism, this will greatly effect your weight.

Currently, the medical community orders millions of dollars worth of thyroid tests every year, unfortunately these tests can be inaccurate and as a result people with sub clinical hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) remain untreated or under treated.

Current thyroid tests used:

Thyroid blood testing: Blood testing of the thyroid hormones shows how much hormone we have, not whether they are working. You may have good levels of thyroid hormones but they may not be working well.

Body basal temperature: Requires taking your temperature first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Temperature must be taken at the same time everyday to provide accurate results. The results can be ambiguous.

Thyroflex Test: the thyroflex Test is 98.5% accurate in diagnosing any thyroid problems and is FDA certified.

Dr. Daryl Turner – Thryoflex and Thyrodine at Hall Center

Dr.  Brownstein and iodine/iodide deficiency

I use the Thyroflex also in order to ensure that my patients gets diagnosed and treated as early and correctly as possible before more serious issues develops.

If they already have more serious diagnosis I can more easily follow it up ensure appropriate homeopathic and holistic treatment is applied to each individual case.

In addition to the testing :

Proper diets will be evaluated and adviced, the thyroid and the core hormones will be treated all with natural supplements for bodily support and I will assess and make sure that the ONE correct homeopathic remedy at the time is prescribed correctly.

The result?  you will feel the positive changes and improvement almost instantly, your symptoms will disappear and you will heal on all levels of being.

Be well.

Sofie Skogen

Homeopathic Physician


ICH repr. To the Gov of the UAE


Breast Augmentation: FAQ’s from flight attendants

This year in the United States alone, breast augmentation was the most common procedure to have been performed.  It has proven to be a successful operation with very good outcomes, adding to self-esteem and body form in properly selected candidates.

However, breast augmentation does carry a few risks such as infection, hematoma, and scarring which are general complications in all surgery. Capsular contractor and loss of nipple sensation are particular in this type of surgery.

It is important to note that implant malposition and some of the complications listed above can be prevented by good post-operative care in the immediate post-op period. This includes limited physical activity, which has more significance in physically demanding jobs such as some segments within the aviation industry.

 This is particularly true for flight attendants.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Some of the below are frequently asked questions by patients within the aviation industry.

 How soon can I start flying after the surgery?

Travel following cosmetic surgery can potentially complicate the post-operative course. It is advisable to wait 2 weeks following breast augmentation surgery. This allows ample time for the patient to sufficiently recover as early movement or strenuous activity may lead to implant malposition.

Is airplane cabin pressure a problem for breast implants?

No, cabin air pressure is no cause for concern.

 Can I go through security scanners with breast implants?

It is possible to pass through airport security scanners with breast implants. Breast implants should not contain any metal, and therefore should not cause a problem during security checks.

 What should I watch out for if I decide to travel after breast augmentation?

 Overhead Bins

Lifting heavy objects into an overhead bin within 2 weeks breast surgery is not advised. Furthermore, if a piece of luggage should happen to fall on your chest, it could cause serious damage to a patient’s healing process.


It is not advisable to carry anything heaver than 5 – 10lbs until at least 2 weeks after surgery.

 Other Passengers

It is important to be weary of crowded areas. Being hit in the chest by a backpack or an accidental elbow could cause damage to the healing surgical area.

Read more about breast augmentation. 


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Laser hair removal is a popular, non-surgical treatment that gets rid of unwanted hair on the body.

A lot of people have various questions about laser hair removal before undergoing the treatment.

Here are some frequently asked questions from patients on laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. Burns, scars and permanent changes to your skin color are some of the possible side affects, should you visit the wrong practitioner or aesthetician. It is important to ensure that you visit someone who has medical knowledge and is skilled in using lasers.


Patients see a dramatic reduction in the density and thickness of hair in the treated area. Once you complete your treatment plan, you should expect long-term hair reduction. Visit a clinic where the consultation is free, so that you can discuss with your aesthetician what results you should expect.


Depending on the area treated and the hair growth, sessions last anywhere between 15 – 30 minutes.


Generally after each treatment you will see a noticeable reduction in the number of hairs that regrow in the treatment area.
On average, most people will require a minimum of 6 treatments, but if you have dark or tanned skin, you may require more. Facial hair and fine body hair require approximately 10 treatments and possibly require ongoing maintenance.


Laser hair removal is not as painful is waxing, however there is some level of discomfort which depends on the treated area, the texture of the hair and skin.
The darker the skin the more sensitive as there is more pigment in both hair and skin. However, after each treatment the hair becomes lighter or thinner and pain subsides.
Tip – it hurts less if you shave before getting laser.

Content taken from http://laserhair.com.au/laserhairremoval/q-a/

Read More:

Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

5 Reasons to Invest in Laser Hair Removal

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How to avoid weight gain during the festive season

It’s December and whilst we are excited to ring in the month of festivities, we’re also dreading the weight gain that comes with it. Even if you have superhuman powers, the holiday season can be challenging for almost everyone. Staying on track with a healthy routine whilst the air is filled with mince pies, cookies and wine can be extremely exhausting and frankly, not much fun at all!

Here are a few things you can do to avoid gaining weight this month (and ensuring a happier you come January!)

Start your day with a bang

OK, we know it’s difficult. But starting your day with exercise can result in a healthy, stimulated mind all day long. Better yet, you will free up your schedule for other appointments and won’t have to worry about getting to the gym in the evenings! Yoga and Pilates are great for the body and soul; we highly recommend you try it.

Don’t save calories for later

Avoid starving throughout the day just so you can indulge at night! This sets you up for failure as you will most likely overeat, especially if you are faced with high calorie choices.  It is better to snack on healthy items such as fruits and proteins throughout the day.

Bring a healthy treat

Why not bring your own healthy treat to the party? Your dish might not be the most popular but at least it will help you avoid succumbing to your sweet tooth! And you might even teach everyone a thing or two about healthy eating.

Keep hydrated

Did you know that 70% of hunger is actually just thirst? It is important to remain hydrated in order to keep hunger pangs at bay. H20 also ensures your skin looks refreshed and radiant – perfect festive season concoction!

And if none of the above sound enticing enough for you, there’s always fat removal treatments like Velashape and Coolsculpting at Aesthetics International in Dubai!

Stay on your feet

People tend to laze around during the festive season in front of the TV or sleeping it off. Avoid that and go around for any activities that may be happening around town. This would also help you capitalize on the time otherwise you don’t have as well burn those extra calories that would build on if you stay home.

Check out this High authority Business Directory by Ovela.Net for a list of businesses that can help you do that.

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For Consultation for this treatment use the form below
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How to get rid of pigmentation

Sun spots, pigmentation, and discolouration on the face can cause serious distress for those of us who strive for radiant skin.

Blame it on years of tanning and sun exposure! With age, the repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause Melanin, a compound responsible for pigmentation as well as protecting the skin, to clump together and form hyper-pigmentation. This appears in the form of brown spots and discoloured patches on the skin.

Apart from regular application of sun screen, there are other ways to help get rid of those pesky spots.


Chemical peels are one of the most popular non-invasive treatments performed to help rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. Cosmelan is a peeling treatment targeted at removing pigmentation and spots. It’s a completely safe and effective technique for peeling which involves no side effects and is suitable to all skin types.

It’s a two­-step treatment; first the peel is applied to your skin by a trained aesthetician and you are made to wear the peel mask for the number of hours as recommended. The mask is then washed off and a cream is applied which aids in protecting the growth of new skin cells.


  1. Suitable for all skin types
  2. May be used on all types and depths of pigmentation (except during pregnancy)
  3. Completely safe
  4. May be used all year round – strict sun avoidance is not required
  5. Controls acne
  6. Yields continuous skin rejuvenation


Dramatic reduction of pigmentation (over 60%) within 8-14 days irrespective of depth of pigmentation.

Melasma before cosmelan peel
Results of cosmelan peel
After Cosmelan Peel (2 weeks)


Call +9714 3469888 for a free consultation and skin analysis session or use the form below to book an appointment.

Get a FREE gold collagen facial (worth AED 750) when availing this treatment.



Botox: What is it all about?

As we reach our mid 30’s, the majority of us will develop lines on the upper half of the face commonly known as “worry lines”, “frown lines” or “crow’s feet”. This undoubtedly makes one appear older and also can give a mean or tired look to the face. Some individuals also get tension headaches from constant usage of the forehead muscles.

Everywhere you turn, it seems as though someone is getting BOTOX. In fact, it is by far the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure. BOTOX stops muscle movement and thus cause a relaxation and disappearance of the skin creases. In terms of “down time” and efficacy, it is superior to any form of surgical treatment for treating these lines. So if you’re thinking about getting rid of some of those wrinkles, here’s a short primer on BOTOX.

What is BOTOX?
“BOTOX” is short for Botulinum Toxin, which is produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. It has been used since 1920, but was marketed commercially in 1997. It has a wide variety of clinical uses for people who have problems with spastic muscle disorders, or an imbalance in eye muscles, to name a few. It can also be used in hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the palms or axillary areas. It was as a result of using BOTOX for other problems on the face that its efficacy in getting rid of wrinkles was noted.

How does it work?
Don’t be put off by the word toxin! BOTOX interferes with transmission of the nerve impulse to muscles and hence stops the muscle working for a period of time. To be used effectively, it must be placed at a correct dosage into the correct muscle. There are a number of facial muscles, and it is the contraction of these that is responsible for facial wrinkling. A plastic surgeon’s knowledge of the anatomy of these muscles will allow for safe placement of the toxin.

Are the injections painful?
Most people tolerate the injections very well. They are delivered through very fine gauge needles. However, local anesthetic cream may be applied to the areas, one hour prior to treatment, for patients who are more sensitive. Ask your plastic surgeon about this.

How long does it take to work?
Results start to appear in three to five days, but may take up to a week. Finer wrinkles will disappear right away and more established ones take more time. With regular usage, one sometimes loses the habit of frowning altogether! If the wrinkles are very deep, ancillary treatment with filler materials about two weeks post injection may be necessary to achieve 100% result.

What are the side effects?
This is an important question and patients need be informed about the side effects. If for some reason the toxin moves to a muscle which is not a target muscle, such as the muscle which opens the eye or the ocular muscles which move the eye, then side effects can occur. These are rare and involve drooping of the eyelid, or double vision. Remember that the effects of BOTOX last only for four to six months at best, and when a really small dose causes a side effect, it usually reverses itself back to normal in three to four weeks.

How much does it cost?
The prices from clinic to clinic vary. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2011 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report shows that the national average surgeon/physician fee for BOTOX is $365 per area treated. Six to eight injections are typically required for the eyes, five for frown lines, and 10 to 12 for forehead lines.

Plastic Surgeon
Visit Dr. Jaffer Khan, U.K and U.S board certified plastic surgeon at Aesthetics International for Botox in the UAE. Call 043469888 or email info@aesthetics.ae.

Use the form below for any questions you may have on this procedure.

Article submitted by Dr. Jaffer Khan for The American Society of Plastic Surgeons: http://www.plasticsurgery.org/news/plastic-surgery-blog/january-2013/botox-whats-all-the-hype-about.html

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Under Eye Fillers with Dr. Jaffer Khan

Dermal fillers are amongst the most popular aesthetic treatments as they offer quick results with minimal downtime.

For this month’s topic of our “5 Minutes with Dr. Jaffer Khan” section, we chose to focus on under eye fillers, also know as tear trough fillers.

Patients who are good candidates for this treatment often complain of a ‘hollow look’ or dark circles under their eyes; they may also point out enlarging fat pockets in the lower eyelids.

We asked in house plastic surgeon at Aesthetics, Dr. Jaffer Khan, to offer his expert advice on a number of FAQ’s related to this popular aesthetic treatment.

Q. What makes a good candidate for an under eye filler procedure? 

Dr. Khan: People who have trouble with dark circles under the eyes as well as people who want to improve the contour between the cheek and the lid junction. There is sometimes a depressed crescent under the eye, which shows aging or tiredness, and such people are excellent candidates for this procedure. It is also desirable that there is no skin excess; in other words, tauter skin would give a better result. Any age group can have this, and some degree of  result can be achieved, but obviously, the less skin excess, the better result you can have.

Q. How is an under eye filler procedure performed? 

Dr.  Khan:  The  patient  has  the  procedure  done  under  local anesthetic cream, which is called EMLA cream, applied to the area about half an hour before the start of the procedure. All the procedural details and potential complications are explained to the patient beforehand, and the procedure starts with the patient gazing forward and sitting on a reclining chair. It is quite painless. A series of injections are given in the periocular area, and then, some cold packs are applied.

Q. What are the realistic results that I can expect?

Dr. Khan:The procedure is usually carried out in two stages. The first stage being done initially with a larger quantity of volume placed underneath the eye, and for the first 48 hours, the area can be a little bit swollen, and there can be occasional bruising. Apart from that, the results are immediately visible, and if the fillers are placed judiciously and with proper quantity, the results look very natural and pleasing.

Q. Do you have before and after photos I can look at for this procedure?

Dr. Khan:Yes, we always keep Before and After photos for patients to get an idea of what type of results they can expect, and there is a wide variation of the age groups that we have done as well.

Q. What kind of recovery period can I expect, and when can I resume normal activities?

Dr. Khan:As mentioned, the recovery period for this is just 3 to 4 days, and this is predominantly a social issue to get rid of the swelling and whatever little bruising there may be. Normal activities can be resumed on the following day.

Q. What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure?

Dr. Khan:As with all fillers, the risks are essentially those which can be associated with any injection of a needle into the body; infection, bruising, bleeding, as well as allergic reactions to the filler substance.  In this case hyaluronic acid, which is a natural filler and one that can be dissolved within 24 hours is used, and here, it is very biocompatible with very few side effects.

The most severe side effects of periocular fillers, and indeed fillers anywhere on the face, are vascular ones where inadvertent injections into an artery or a vein can lead to complications  such as prolonged  swelling,  edema,  redness, and indeed even permanent loss of eyesight.   The latter is obviously  quite  scary  for  a  number  of  patients  to  know about,  but  we  have  to  be  sure  that  all  potential complications  are mentioned to the patients, as this is only fair to do.  The risks however, are very, very, small indeed -­? there have only been a few cases worldwide reported.  All precautions  are  taken  to  avoid  this  complication  by repeatedly  pulling  back  on  the  syringe  plunger  to  ensure that it is not in a vessel and to inject also very slowly.

Q. How long will the results last?

Dr. Khan:Under eye area is unique in that the results can last from a year up to 3 years.  Although a small top-up may be required from time to time, but no sooner than 8 to 10 months.

Q. Any other advice?

Dr.  Khan:  Yes, it is important  to have a consultation  with your practitioner and to ensure that there is confidence in creating  a natural result without any lumpiness.   It is very important  that the correct  plane  be found  in placement  of this filler, as placing it too superficially in this area with very thin skin can result in unpleasing results.

About your surgeon:

Dr. Jaffer Khan is the director and head consultant at Aesthetics International. A former Consultant Plastic Surgeon in the United Kingdom, he did his initial plastic surgical training at Cork University Hospital in Ireland before moving to the UK.

He is a member of and affiliated with: American Society of Plastic Surgeons Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, England, Glasgow, Wales, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American College of Surgeons, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

Banner 1.3

What’s new in Anti-Aging?

It’s finally November and as cooler winds approach the weather in the UAE has us all looking forward to more outdoor activities and gearing up for the holiday season.

So why not try the latest technique in anti-aging and give your skin a refreshed glow?

E Matrix -­ Radio Frequency is a non­surgical treatment designed to treat wrinkles, scars and large pores.

Also known as Sublative Rejuvenation Treatment, E ­Matrix works on all skin types and is a safe and effective method for diminishing aging signs such as scars, as well as improving texture of the skin.


  • Treats deep tissue acne scars non – ­invasively
  • Tightens the loose and sagging skin on face, neck, hands and chest
  • Evens the skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Treats wrinkles around eyes, neck, face and mouth
  • Short sessions ­ one treatment session takes just 20 minutes
  • Minimal discomfort during the treatment

E ­Matrix doesn’t cause any burns or side effects to your skin. The downtime is very minimal which means you don’t have to take a long break from your daily activities. In most cases, people get back to work the very next day of the treatment. In a few cases, 2- 3 days recovery might be needed but not more than this.

E Matrix Radio Frequency
E Matrix Radio Frequency


E ­Matrix – Radio Frequency works by increasing collagen production (skin’s natural protein that builds up new skin cells and tissues) to treat deep acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and deep skin irregularities caused by sun exposure, acne and aging.

During the treatment process, small parts of radio frequency energy are made to pass through the skin layer. The radio frequency energy produces heat, which repairs the damaged tissues and stimulates the skin layer to produce collagen naturally that in turn boosts up the formation of new skin cells.

The heat is sent in a controlled manner, ensuring that it reaches the innermost layer of the skin without causing any damage to the outer skin layer.


Most people see an improvement straight away with their skin looking clearer and feeling firmer, right after the first treatment session. However, the full benefits will take 6­ – 8 weeks to become visible, as the new collagen is produced.

In general, you would need a minimum of 4 – 6 sessions for optimum results. However, the precise number of sessions would depend on your skin type and the severity of your skin problems.

E MATRIX AT Aesthetics International

Dr. Jaffer Khan’s clinic in Jumeirah offers E Matrix total skin rejuvenation under the skilled guidance of expert therapists.

Look refreshed and rejuvenated with our SPECIAL OFFER: AED 1,666 per session for full face.

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Be Refreshed, Be Rejuvenated with Mesotherapy

In need of a little skin rejuvenation? Trying to get rid of blemishes, or fine lines? Then Mesotherapy could be the answer you’ve been looking for…

Even in my early twenties, I have skin-related problems I’m not too proud of; scarring from incessant picking at every spot, discolouration caused by too much sun or by too much smoking, and I have a general lack of care towards my face. It’s slightly embarassing to be putting these small insecurities out there, but hey, do you know what? There’s an answer to what we’ve all been looking for, ladies.

Whether you’re like me in your twenties and only just seeing the signs of aging, where your smile lines are slowly blending into permanent wrinkles, or you’re a woman of a maturer age who’s in need of a little life restoring into your face, Mesotherapy can help you. I tried it myself, and I wouldn’t lie… I’m pretty astonished at the results! Even when my skin wasn’t that bad to begin with.


In fact, Mesotherapy is one of the most commonly used skin rejuvenation treatments in the industry! The treatment can also target signs of aging and other problems that may affect our skin’s quality and texture. And the best part? Apart from treating your skin problems, like signs of aging, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and scarring, Mesotherapy also leaves your skin with a radiant, glowing and youthful look!

How does Mesotherapy work?

Well, my lovely therapist Olga Lelekova first gave me a a quick skin analysis to identify any problem areas on my face, and also ask of any allergies I may have. She then went on to explain that while I may have small scarring and a few spots, my skin does not require a deep treatment.

Before starting the Mesotherapy itself, Olga was kind enough to cleanse and exfoliate my skin to ensure it was prepped and ready for the next stage.

The treatment process itself includes you skin being injected with a mix of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and natural plant extracts which increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Expat Woman Reviews Mesotherapy at Aesthetics
Expat Woman Reviews Mesotherapy at Aesthetics

For me, Olga tailored the treatment to suit my skin, so the purpose of a Mesotherapy treatment on me is to primarily refresh and rejuvenate my skin to achieve that glowing look. My cocktail for skin renewal then included vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which suited my young complexion for skin rejuvenation and skin renewal. Hydrochloric acid was also included for the purpose of skin hydration, which is aimed at giving an instant and fresh glow.

Does Mesotherapy hurt?

The entire Mesotherapy is completely safe and painless, too! Olga used a dermapen to inject my Mesotherapy cocktail into my skin. Naturally, I was a little hesitant at the thought of the world “needle” however… I was being silly! In fact, the only discomfort you may feel is a mild tingling sensation, and you can opt to use the numbing cream to desensitise the area beforehand.

What are the after effects?

It’s normal to experience som redness for a couple of hours after the treatment. Olga was kind enough to add a calming mask to my face, that aids the healing of any small wounds that I may have had. She also added a BB cream to my face as she knew I was heading out after my treatment, so that reduced the redness for me. Actually, as Olga informed me, you are able to apply your make up after your treatment.

Will I experience the results I want?

I can safely say, absolutely. I only had one treatment, and I am still experiencing a noticable difference in my skin; so much so, that since the redness has gone down, I’ve not had to wear any concealer, foundation or powder since, which is absolutely fantastic.

After all, Mesotherapy promises to give instant results, so is perfect if you need to prep your skin for a party, special occassion or just want an uplifting refresh. Of course, treatment plans differ based on the skin’s condition, and 3 to 5 sessions are normally recommended for optimum results.

Results after 1 session of Mesotherapy
Results after 1 session of Mesotherapy

Written by Rebecca Fielding for ExpatWoman.com

Review on Pumpkin Organic Peel

A Pumpkin Organic Peel Benefits Everyone

EW’s Stephanie was invited along to try out Aesthetics International’s Pumpkin Organic Peel facial, which is suitable for all skin types! She recommends!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good facial. And by good, I mean ‘professional’, not just one where they take your make up off then a bit of oil is massaged onto your skin and then off you go on your way. The facials offered by Aesthetics International are professional and clinical, meaning that they provide results rather than a spa style relaxing facial with plinky plonky music in the background.

Expat Woman Reviews Pumpkin Peel at Aesthetics
Expat Woman Reviews Pumpkin Peel at Aesthetics

I was invited along for their Pumpkin Organic Peel facial, which is suitable to all skin types including the sensitive types. My therapist, Olga Lelekova, explained to me that this facial is great for brightening the skin, getting rid of any dead skin cells, moisturising and plumping and generally having an overall improvement of your skins texture and tone. Something everyone can benefit from!

Olga started off by completely cleansing my face using their professional grade Theraderm products and then moved onto the exfoliation, which made my skin feel cleaner than it ever has done! Olga was great at explaining what she was doing and why she was using each product. I like this during a facial because I want to be reassured that the products being used are right for my skin and above all going to do what they claim to do.

After this step, Olga applied the many layers of the mask…. Each layer has a different benefit which works hand in hand with each of the other layers and ultimately leads to your skin being plumped, moisturised and feeling much firmer.

I suffer with a lot of redness and sensitivity on my face, so I have to be careful not to use products which are too harsh. This facial was perfect for me and I recommend it to anyone who has sensitive skin or just needs a freshening up in between their regular facials. I walked out of the Aesthetics International clinic looking fresh and radiant, my skin felt clean and smooth and one week later I am still seeing the benefit of it.

Treating Breast Cancer with Homeopathy – Dr. Sofie Skogen

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sofie.
Educated as a Homeopath Physician, NAN, MNHL.
2 years postgrad in Advanced Homeopathy (SIKH)
3 years post graduate program led by Prof. and Alternative noble prizewinner of – 96, G.Vithoulkas.
Biannual courses and training in counseling and ACIM

I now have more than 25 years of work experience.
In the month of October, breast cancer is a topic, and I would like to share some information and knowledge on the subject, and hope it can be of good use also as preventative measures.

I have had the honor of working with quite a few patients with the diagnosis.

I also have had the privilege of working with various international specialists on the subject.
My approach would be that of a Holistic nature,–meaning that I take all levels of existence into consideration when evaluating a case and working with a patient.

In General:

  • Once faced with ones physical mortality all kinds of fears will naturally come. I see it as utmost important to handle this aspect as it creates havoc in your system and gives the cancer cells a more fertile ground.
  • Get rid of stress and all that is toxic in your life, learn to manage your own self, as one cannot possibly control others and all outer circumstances in life.
  • Fears and anxieties, worries, depressions etc. are efficiently treated homeopathically. This will have a most beneficial impact and “trickle down” to the more physical levels especially as “the fear and flight” mechanism is addressed and corrected.

Through the correct application of this system of medicine–balance is created on all levels–and therefore any kind of malignancy has less of a chance to fester.

Cancer cells can be starved and destroyed by eating correctly, having an alkaline and anti­-angiogenesis diet and oxygenation of the cells. Research has shown that eating certain food prevents the formation of blood vessels that tumors or malignant cells needs in order to grow.
There are many of these kinds of foods and herbs. One can have a perfectly varied and super healthy diet:

    • Supplements in correct amounts to be taken in order to support the system and fight off the cancer cells and also help with the detox process. The mitochondria need to be saturated and protected properly in order to remain healthy­ by iodine/iodide in particular.
    • Dairy – and wheat free diet, except for Jarlsberg, Gouda, Emmenthal and Edam. Studies Have shown that these are Angio foods (blood vessel inhibiting) and they contain K2 that is both anti-­angiogenic and kills cancer cells directly.
    • AVOID SUGAR – sugar creates inflammation in your tissue and reduces your immune system to not being able to function in no time. Studies show that cutting sugar suppresses the disease. “Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of canceris replacement of cells by fermentation of sugar” (Noble laureate Otto Warburg). Cancer cells need glucose – starving of glucose leads to death of the cancer cells.
    • Detox on all levels.

We all have cancer cells in our body almost at all times – that’s a fact. We have more than 50 trillion cells in our bodies, -­ all it takes is for one of them to make a single mistake while dividing and a potential cancer is born.

        • Make use of a discipline that will help you “switch off” and relax such as for example, Yoga, meditation for relaxation and stress release, and any form of exercise that also will help oxygenate the cells properly.
        • Oxygenation is very important, as cancer cells do not thrive in oxygenated tissue.
        • Balance the hormones.

Homeopathic treatment will help you on all levels. Mental, emotional and physical. It works preventative as well as in the situation during the disease and with the aftermaths. Its highly efficient, non -­ toxic and non invasive. One feels immediate effect (within minutes or hours of treatment) when the right remedy is prescribed.

For more information on the various protocols, research ref., diets, supplements detox,,etc. please contact me. I am more than happy to share the information in detail with all those that are interested.

Sofie Skogen
Homeoptahic Physician, NAN MNHL
ICH Repr. To the Gov. of UAE

Clinic: Aesthetics International Tel.: 04 346 9888 -­ having the pleasure of working with loving colleagues and a great reconstructive breast surgeon: Dr. Jaffer Khan.

Website (under construction): www.Tree Of Guidance.Com
Linkedin: Sofie Skogen, Homeopathic Physician
Email: sofie@aesthetics.ae, reachsofie@gmail.com, Sofie@treeofguidance.com

5 Reasons to invest in laser hair removal

Many women struggle with the issue of hair removal. Though waxing, shaving, and hair plucking help you get rid of body hair, they are all messy and painful.

Laser hair removal is painless and very effective in removing hair from any part of the body be it legs, hands, bikini area, underarms and even face. Also, it is suitable to all skin types and offers long lasting results!

Here are 5 reasons to invest in laser hair removal:

1. It saves you both time and money
Laser hair removal saves you both time and money because it is permanent. You no longer have to buy disposable razors or spend money on frequent waxing at the salon. It’s an investment that will last a lifetime!

2. Laser hair removal is quick and painless
At Aesthetics International, we have 3 different laser machines, each of which is targeted at treating a particular hair type or body area:
BiosAlex Plus YAG: A bigger spout means the treatment time is faster, and it blows out cold air, which means we don’t use any icing methods (these are a thing of the past).
Cynosure Nd YAG Laser: This also blows out cold air but is most effective for those with dark, thick hair.
DIODE laser: It is very effective, especially for those with darker skin and thicker hair. The majority of patients will see reduction within 4 – 6 treatments.

3. It boosts your self-confidence
Unwanted hair can take a toll on one’s self esteem. You no longer have to feel self conscious about unwanted body hair after laser hair removal.

4. Smooth skin is achievable
With laser hair removal there are no uncomfortable in-between stages, and no in-grown hair. You are free from waxes, tweezers, and razors to enjoy silky, smooth skin regularly.

5. Laser hair removal is harmless to your skin
Laser hair removal does not damage your skin, unlike the concerns waxing, threading and shaving bring. When receiving treatments every 5-6 weeks, there is no reason to fear any type of skin damage or discoloration of the skin before or after treatments.

Laser Hair Removal at Aesthetics International, Dubai.


At Aesthetics International, we have a team of experts who are well­ – versed with laser hair removal techniques. We understand that different hair and skin types will require a different course of treatment and all our laser hair removal treatment courses are designed keeping in mind individual needs, hair type and areas to be treated.

Book your free consultation and allow our aestheticians to assess your skin type.

Aesthetics International Charity Foundation: Rebuilding Smiles Everywhere

Did you know?

For any aesthetic treatment that our patients opt for at our clinic in Dubai, a percentage of revenue is donated to a worldwide charity aiming to help those suffering from disfigurement due to burns, accidents or trauma.

We would like to thank all our patients for their patronage.


5 MINUTES WITH DR. JAFFER KHAN: Top Tips On Choosing A Cosmetic Surgeon.

1. Surgeon qualifications

Consider what qualifications your surgeon has before opting for surgery. It is important for the surgeon to be board certified in Plastic Surgery from a country of your choice where you would expect qualifications are of an acceptable standard.

2. Length of time and reputation within the community

How many years has your surgeon of choice been in practice? Do he or she have a reputation for excellence within the community? Ideally, your surgeon should reside in the country of your choice. Visiting surgeons tend to lack follow-up care unless there is a support team on the ground. “The concept of visiting surgeons always amazes me; unless there is a sub specialty offering such as revisions for Rhinoplasty, lid surgery or novel techniques. I believe if one is busy enough in one’s home country the only reason for travelling to another would be for holidays” remarks Dr. Khan.

3. Referral type

The best way of selecting your surgeon is generally through word of mouth, and/or through having spoken to someone who has had experience with the doctor. The Internet and media are sometimes simply a function of how much one is spending on social media, marketing and Google ad words.

4. Comfort level

Comfort level at the initial consultation with your surgeon should involve a feeling that there has been complete honesty in terms of patient education: pros and cons of the surgery, alternative solutions, discussion of complications and your suitability for the type of surgery that you desire. It is important that you see some before and after images in order to ensure that other’s results are in line with your own expectations.

5. Price

Undoubtedly, price is important when considering the purchase of any service. However, there are a few points to avoid. Firstly, try not to get involved in a surgery that is unaffordable and therefore puts strain on your financial resources. Secondly, avoid looking for bargains as aesthetic surgery involves potentially, your appearance and subsequent well-being.

Book a consultation with Dr. Jaffer Khan below.


Ultherapy in Dubai

The Only Procedure FDA – Cleared for a Non-invasive Neck, Brow and Under-Chin Lift

It’s been featured on international television shows such as Rachel Ray, The View and The Doctors. It’s been touted by big-name beauty editors from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Shape and more.

It’s Ultherapy, a non-surgical treatment that uses ultrasound to actually lift loose skin on the brow, neck, and under the chin – without any downtime. And now it is offered here in Dubai at Aesthetics International.

Ultherapy Uses Ultrasound

Ultherapy is the only cosmetic procedure to use ultrasound imaging which allows us to see the layers of tissue targeted during the treatment, in order to ensure that the energy is being delivered to where it will be most optimal.

Leveraging this tried-and-true technology, we can specifically target the deep foundation below the skin, without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin. After a 60 – 90 minute treatment, you will be able to return to everyday life without interruptions.

Ultherapy Naturally Creates Collagen and Elastin

Ultherapy is unique because it refreshes your collagen by jumpstarting a repair process. It relies on the body’s own regenerative process to stimulate the natural creation of new collagen and elastin. This results in an actual lift of skin overtime. In fact, the ultimate lifting takes places over 2-3 months, as tired collagen is replaced with new and stronger collagen. As this collagen building process continues, further improvements can appear up to 6 months following a procedure.

Ultherapy – Uplift not a Facelift

Ultherapy is a non-surgical option for people with mild to moderate skin laxity – those who want some lifting for skin that has lost elasticity, but are not ready for surgery, either mentally, financially or logistically. It is also a good option for those looking to prolong the effects of cosmetic surgery.

Ask us if Ultherapy is right for you

If you are looking for a lift to counter the effects that gravity takes over time, it may just be the treatment you’ve been waiting for.

Our Expert Therapists

At Aesthetics International, our therapists will be happy to assist with a complimentary consultation in order to assess your skin.

Ms. Lyudmyla Yaghorova

Lyudmyla is an internationally trained and skilled laser therapist and aesthetician. Clinical expertise and service…

Ms. Rehab Mohamed Yahia

Rehab is an internationally trained and skilled laser therapist and aesthetician. Clinical expertise and services o…

Ms.Olga Lelekova

Olga is an internationally trained and skilled laser therapist and aesthetician. Clinical expertise and services of…