Choosing a reputable cosmetic surgeon

You rightly value your body and your appearance. It’s central to who you are and to how you are seen by others. When it comes to making enhancements, it’s critical that you make use of trusted surgeons. But how can you ensure that you are dealing with those with a strong reputation in this area? In this article, we take a look at some top tips:

Seek reviews

There’s no greater sign of a reputable clinic than one that is prepared to offer a full list of positive testimonials. An impressive website or a glossy brochure may appear to be tempting, but being able to hear from those who have used the clinic in the past is the best way for you to gain peace of mind.

Be wary of clinics that aren’t able to provide testimonials, or where there seem to be gaps in the information that you are being offered. Reputable providers will always be keen to let you know about reviews of their service because this helps them to win your business.

Don’t be tempted to ignore testimonials that you are offered either: always take the time to listen to what others have to say.

Talk to a surgeon

Depending upon the treatment that you are considering, this may be a significant step in your life. Reputable clinics understand that clients will have a range of questions about treatments, conditions and any recovery times.

It’s perfectly reasonable that you should expect to have a full discussion with a cosmetic surgeon, in advance of deciding to opt for a particular treatment. Before arranging for such a discussion to take place, you may find that it’s helpful to have a list of questions prepared in advance. If you do forget to ask a question, however, then don’t be afraid to go back at a later date.

Check qualifications

You wouldn’t allow a novice to carry out work on your car, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t allow an unqualified individual to carry out work on your body! Within a reputable clinic, you should absolutely expect to be provided with details of the qualifications and experience of members of staff.

On being offered that information, you may feel that you don’t really understand what the qualifications mean. If you do have queries, then take the time to speak with the clinic and with the organisations that awarded the qualifications in the first place. Again, reputable individuals will always be happy to carefully explain their experience and how they how obtained their skills.

Be wary of pressure

Do you feel that a clinic is putting you under pressure for a procedure to be carried out quickly? Do you feel that all of the facts have been explained to you, or is there a sense that you are lacking some key information?


If you have any concerns about being pressured into a treatment, then take some time. It may be that you would feel more comfortable dealing with an alternative clinic, where your needs are considered in detail and where you are provided with all of the information that you need.

Dubai as a destination for medical tourism

Medical tourism involves travelling to a different country in order to have medical treatment undertaken. There are a variety of reasons why you might look to travel for this purpose, ranging from cost saving opportunities to availability of particular treatments. In recent years, Dubai has become a popular destination for those seeking medical treatment, with clients arriving each year from around the globe.

Here at Aesthetics International, we offer a range of specific packages for those arriving from overseas. Why is it that many people choose Dubai, rather than other available destinations?

Quality of treatment

The quality of treatment that you will receive is likely to be a key consideration and the reputation of the health sector within Dubai is reassuring. While some choose to visit countries where treatments are simply viewed as being cheap, it’s critical that consideration should be given to the quality of care and to the likely outcomes.

When you choose to visit Dubai, you are opting for a location where medical professionals are highly regarded, which provides peace of mind.

Recognised qualifications

There are plenty of clinics around the world where qualified surgeons are employed. But what do their qualifications really mean? Clients may be concerned that some of the qualifications involved have relatively little value, having been awarded within a local content. Are surgeons really able to carry out the work involved?

The tightly regulated health and medical industry within Dubai helps to overcome these concerns. You can ensure that you opt for a reputable clinic, where surgeons and specialists have qualifications that are recognised on an international stage. As a result, clients can be assured that they are being treated with those who have the capabilities required to carry out all treatments and surgery.

Availability of treatments

Due to various regulatory issues, some medical treatments aren’t made available in all countries of the world. Here in Dubai, we may well be able to offer access to a treatment that wouldn’t be possible for you at home. Contact us for full details of the procedures that are available.

Lower costs

One of the key advantages that many medical tourists seek is that of reduced costs. Treatments that may be expensive back home are often cheaper here in Dubai. When considering costs involved, you may need to consider the surgery, plus care while you are recuperating. Getting great procedures conducted at low prices is clearly a temptation, allowing many visitors to head for Dubai.

A beautiful environment

Finally, an attraction reason to opt for Dubai as a destination is because of the wider environment. This is an appealing place in which to spend time, which means that it’s a great choice for those awaiting treatment or recovering post-procedure.


Many medical tourists opt to combine their treatment with an extended stay in the region, enjoying all that Dubai has to offer.