Pumpkin Organic Peel

Pumpkin Organic Peel is a facial that is used for skin lightening, radiance and glow. The products used in this facial type include wide range of Vitamin A derivatives, fermented enzymes and some percentage of organic saciliyic acid. All these ingredients repair the damaged skin cells and prevent the growth of melanin which is responsible for skin darkening.

Benefits of a Pumpkin Organic Peel

  • Improves skin tone
  • Exfoliates the skin
  • Stimulates collagen & elastin production
  • Increases new cell generation
  • Hydrates & moisturizes the skin

What to Expect During the Facial

A pumpkin organic peel facial lasts for 60 minutes. The skin is first cleansed using a cleaning serum so as to remove any dirt or impurity. Once the skin is cleaned thoroughly, the pumpkin exfoliation is applied. The aesthetician then massages your face gently while exfoliating the skin thus removing all dirt, excess oil and other impurities.

The exfoliation even helps in opening the clogged pores and improves the skin texture. After exfoliation, a mask is applied which increases the volume of skin.

At Aesthetics, we make use of THERADERM products for this. The mask would be kept on the skin for nearly 20 – ­25 minutes.

Once the treatment gets over, your skin would have a radiant appeal and be firmer. The results would become more evident in a week’s time. To keep up the results, you must have 4 – ­6 treatment sessions.(Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore no two procedures or rejuvenation treatments will get the exact same results. Individual results vary from patient to patient.)

You must avoid exposure to sun as it can cause hyper pigmentation. Make sure you apply a quality sunscreen when stepping out in sun.